• High Pressure Die CastingCapacity 0.5g to 4 kg
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Injection Moulding Products
High Pressure Die Casting1 Pressure Die Casting2 Injection Moulding Products3

Quality Policy

We at Ghule group of industries are committed to enhance customer satisfaction by providing consistent quality product and on time delivery as per customer requirement through
Periodic review of established quality objectives
Maintaining mutual beneficial relationship with supplier
Monitoring efficiency and effectiveness of all laid down processes to achieve continual improvement

Quality Objectives

To Achieve Zero Customer Returns.
To Achieve 100% Compliance of Deliveries on Scheduled Time.
Reduction In Internal Non-Conformities.
Maintain Clean & Tidy Work Place.

Quality policy shall be reviewed yearly, preferably in first MRM of the year. Quality objectives shall be reviewed quarterly in company level data & shall be discussed in MRM.