• High Pressure Die CastingCapacity 0.5g to 4 kg
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Injection Moulding Products
High Pressure Die Casting1 Pressure Die Casting2 Injection Moulding Products3

Company Profile

Ghule Group of Industries consists of 4 Engineering companies namely

M/s. GH Industries
K-93, MIDC Walunj,
M/s. Ghule Engineeing
K-183, MIDC Walunj
M/s. Ghule Enterprises
D-47, MIDC Walunj,
M/s. Laxmi Enterprises
C-100, MIDC Walunj,

Ghule Group of Industries
is headed by Mr. V. S. Ghule.

Ghule Group of Industries
is equipped with necessary Tooling, Machineries, Measuring Instruments and Skilled Operatives. We are continually Improving Quality Management System the requirements of our end product with the help of Customer feedback.

G. H. Industries is a small scale unit located at K-93, MIDC Walunj, Aurangabad. It is established in the year 2002. It is a partnership firm headed by Mr. V. S. Ghule and Lakhan Ghule.

It is an pressure diecasting plant equipped with all necessary toolings and machineries measuring instruments and skill operatives.

Laxmi Industries.

K-67, MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad-431136.

Mail. : ghindustries@gmail.com.

Skypee add. : Sanketghule11111.

Product: vegetables/ Industrial/ Fruits Crates and all other Injunction. Moulding products


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